AI which negotiates prices with your customers
Significant direct influence on retail KPIs
Average Order Volume
Units Per Transaction
The negotiation process
A customer scans price tag QR with their smartphone
A customer scans price tag QR with their smartphone
Product’s page opens in a standard browser. User selects “Offer a price”
User enters the desired price: the higher the offer the higher the chance for approval
The system approves discount either unconditioned or with a condition to buy a second item from a personal list
Any item from the list balances out loss (if any) associated with approved primary item discount
The system key principles
Hyperpersonalised discounts
BATNA is the only discount personalisation system which takes into account direct offer of the customer and set of items which are already in the basket. Precision matters as even a small change in discount value may be decisive for customer
Search of compromise
BATNA looks for set of products and prices which are good for both customer and retailer. Often the customer is ready to buy an extra product in case he is offered a desired discount
Timely discounts
BATNA does not reveal maximum discount it is ready to offer on a given item at a given moment. It starts to offer discounts early on low demand products without fear of falling demand on products without discount. Timely discounts on low demand items exampts retialer from necessity to urgently sell at -70% discount at the end of season
Maximum discount depends on demand
BATNA in real time evaluates balance of supply and demand depending on customers’ offers, current stock, sales velocity and time left before season ends. Very often customer asks for a discount which is significantly less than maximum
Easy to use webapp
Customer is not required to download app, it interacts with BATNA through their smartphone’s standard browser. In order to offer price a customer scans QR-code placed on a price tag
Customers really like to negotiate
BATNA turns shoping into an intriguing game full of emotions. Even introverts like to BATNA rather than traditional negotiation with a salesman
Replacement of seasonal sales with personalized discounts
How adoption of the system for private price negotiation led to 38% increase in average order volume
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Customer opinion
Creating an exclusive service is our priority. We provide a personalized approach to each customer, and in order to realize this, we try to keep up-to-date with the latest technology.

Last year, our store got an electronic salesman assistant, which identifies ways of fulfilling our customers' wishes while helping us achieve our company goals. We saw an immediate boost in KPIs since last year as a result and positive feedback from customers
Alina Schumkikh
Store Manager
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